How To Give Wet Food To Dogs? (5 Delicious Tips)

how to give wet food to dogs

Dogs just love wet foods. Your little ones will jump over as soon as they catch hold of the wet food gravy. But have you ever wondered how to give wet food to dogs .Whether you’re providing them with the correct quantity and approach or if they’ve grown weary of consuming it in the same manner every single day?

Let’s add a delightful twist to their mealtime after all, who wouldn’t desire it? We are here to help you out with some of the ways through which you can feed wet food to them. In this post we shall cover the 5 different and delicious methods on how to give wet food to dogs, the basic feeding guidelines we should all follow and the quantity you should be feeding. We will also help you with some amazing DIY HOMEMADE RECIPES which you can try out for your pet friends.

Let’s right away jump into the methods of feeding wet food to your dogs.

5 Delicious Methods on how to give wet food to dogs

1.Serving Wet Food as it is

It is one of the convenient methods which we all are aware of. Eating habits of dogs are subjective to their preferences for sure. If your dog isn’t fond of mixing the wet food with anything else, consider serving it as a whole. You can make it a point to serve the wet food gravy for lunch and the dry ones for dinner. Doing this will prevent him from growing tired of eating the same meal every time. 

While many dogs will enjoy eating the wet food as it is, it’s essential to consider that active dogs may not feel satisfied or may not find it tummy filling with just a packet of wet food gravy. They will undoubtedly require something more substantial and filling for their tummies. And this brings us to the next method of feeding wet food. 

wet food as it is a topper in dry food

You can feed wet food as a topper in dry kibbles. Besides having a lot of benefits, your dogs are also exposed to various different textures which enhances their meal time. You can be sure that your dog is receiving a complete well balanced diet by mixing both wet and dry food.

This method works well for picky dog eaters as they need something exciting to attract them at every meal time. The mixing of dry and wet dog food has an amazing aroma which your pet will really love. 

Also if your dog is one of them who does not drink plenty of water. This can be a way through which your dog can stay hydrated as wet food has high moisture content. Enhanced palatability, Improved hydration, Added nutritional value and variety in texture and flavor are some of the benefits of adding wet food as a topper to your dry food.

soften dry dog food for senior dogs with wet food

3.mixing wet food with rice

This simple yet versatile combination offers a lot of  benefits, making mealtime a joyous and wholesome experience for your pet. Combination of wet food and rice forms a moist structure which dogs love to lick.  The richness of aroma and taste makes it appealing.

Rice is rich in carbohydrates which makes it highly digestible and is gentler on their stomach. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is recovering from any illness, this combination will work wonders for them. Rice and wet food creates a balanced and complete meal that supplies the essential nutrients your dog needs for optimal health and energy. It helps soothe any gastrointestinal discomfort.

wet food with rice

4.Mixing wet food with veggies

This powerful and delightful duo not only tantalises your dog’s taste buds but also delivers a wealth of health benefits. Vegetables are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that play a vital role in supporting your dog’s immune system, promoting healthy cell function, and warding off diseases.

By combining them with wet dog food, you create a well-rounded and nutrient-dense meal for your dog. They are a great source of fiber which help alleviate constipation or diarrhoea in dogs.

If your dog is overweight or has a tendency to overeat, this combination of veggies and wet food can provide a feeling of fullness, which can be beneficial for dogs on a weight management plan. This will also help to manage the calorie count.

You can include vegetables like carrot, sweet potato, green beans, peas and spinach. Please make sure you cook the vegetables properly and we should not feed raw veggies to dogs. You also need to make sure to avoid harmful vegetables like onion, garlic, raisins which are toxic for dogs.

Also be mindful of the allergies they might have from the vegetables. Therefore it’s better not to incorporate anything different which you have not fed them before. If you observe anything which is not normal, please consult the vet immediately.

With this method of how to give wet food to dogs, you have to be cautious about the vegetables you would like to include with the wet food depending on above mentioned factors.

soften dry dog food for senior dogs with vegetables

5.DIY Home made recipes

One of the major advantages of preparing wet dog food at home is that it can be customized. When dealing with picky eaters or dogs who grow weary of repetitive meals, veterinarians often recommend switching to wet food. Alternatively, if you have the time, preparing homemade meals for your dog can be an even better option. Here is the link to some delicious recipes that you can try out at home.

Basic feeding guidelines of wet food and the quantity you should be feeding

Ensuring the correct amount of wet food is given, following the appropriate feeding guidelines, is crucial for any pet owner. Over feeding might lead to obesity and not enough food may lead to malnutrition. Similar to how we humans have specific calorie intake requirements, dogs also need to be fed according to their weight. 

First thing you need to determine is your dog’s weight by using a weighing machine.

Second thing is to find out the calorie intake as per their weight. You can find out the calorie to be fed using the tool below:-

Below is the chart which tells you the amount of wet food to be taken as per the dog’s weight.

4lbs –   2/3 can
12lbs –  1–1/3 can
20lbs –  2 cans
35lbs –  2–2/3 cans
50lbs –  3-1/2 cans
75lbs –  4–1/2 cans
100lbs – 5–1/2 cans

The general recommendation from most wet food manufacturers is to feed dogs approximately 3 ounces of food for every 3 to 3½ pounds of body weight per day. This quantity can either be provided in a single meal or divided into two separate meals.

It is advised to feed your dog a minimum of two times a day, ensuring there is no interval exceeding 12 hours between meals. Avoiding longer gaps between meals is essential to prevent stomach upset.


By now we found out the number of ways on how to give wet food to dogs. Keep in mind that each dog is individual, and various types of wet food will contain different ingredients and calorie levels. While using a guide like this can be helpful, make sure to adjust the quantities appropriately to maintain your dog’s ideal weight. Also make a point to track your dog’s weight about every 2 to 4 weeks.

Our 5 delicious tips on how to give wet food to dogs has worked wonders with Cookie(our pet Pug) who is a very picky eater.