Can Dogs Eat Wet Food Everyday : Pros & Cons

can dogs eat wet food everyday?

Choosing the right wet food for your dog can be quite confusing as you need to consider their overall health and well being. After choosing the best wet food for your dog/puppy you might be wondering Can dogs eat wet food everyday? To answer your question, yes you can feed wet food to your dogs everyday. As Wet food are available in a variety of flavours and formulations with great nutritional value. To understand in details let us understand the pros/cons of feeding wet food.

Benefits Of Wet Food

1. Wet food has supposedly higher moisture content, they keep the dogs hydrated for a longer period of time. It is ideal for dogs who don’t drink enough water.

2. Wet dog food is often more appealing to dogs due to its stronger aroma and taste. Wet food tends to be more enticing, particularly for dogs with picky eating habits. 

3. They are also beneficial for dogs with dental issues as they do not have to struggle chewing dry kibble.

4. The high moisture content in wet food helps in easy digestion and prevents constipation.

5. Wet foods are beneficial for dogs for weight management because of fewer carbohydrates and fewer calories compared to dry kibble.

Now that we know the benefits, the question is - Can dogs eat wet food everyday?

Contrary to the myth, it is indeed safe for dogs to consume wet food on a daily basis. Basically it depends on your dog, if he prefers and likes to have wet food every day, there is no harm in feeding them. All the wet foods are formulated keeping the dog’s dietary needs in mind. You need to ensure you are feeding the right amount of food depending on your dog’s size, age, breed and activity level.

Now that we know we can feed wet food everyday, let us also go through the possible downsides a pet owner can have.

Possible downsides of feeding wet food

1.Can be quite expensive as compared to dry kibble.

2.Feeding wet food can be quite messy. It is advisable to use a food mat under the dog bowl.

3.Wet food gets spoiled when left open. Therefore you need to make sure you refrigerate the left outs.

4.Wet food has usually high fat content which may not be suitable for all dogs. This is something to keep a check on.


Keeping the downsides in mind, we think it would be convenient to mix dry food kibbles and use wet food as a topper. You can mix the wet food thoroughly with the dry food while feeding. You can either store the left out in a container or refrigerate it. It’s better if you opt for little packets of wet food or canned ones so that you can finish the entire packet at once.