what is the best meat in dry dog food?

best meat in dry dog food

What Type Of Protein Is Suitable For Dogs?

When we talk about protein, there are two things that come to our mind- vegetable and animal protein. For dogs, animal proteins are considered as a “complete protein” as it contains all the essential amino acids that your dogs need in a dry food. Vegetable proteins alone are insufficient to meet the dietary requirements of dogs. Animal protein sources in dry dog food are easily digestible by dogs whereas vegetable proteins contain anti nutrients that interfere with protein digestion. 

If we look at the fat content, animal protein has a higher source of fat content than vegetable proteins. Animal proteins tend to have a high content of micronutrients as well.Therefore animal protein contains a balanced mix of protein sources which is considered as a high quality dog food.

Meat is considered as a high quality animal protein for a dog’s overall well being and health. And as a pet parent you always want to give the best to your dog. 

What you should consider before choosing the meat option in dry dog food?

There are few factors which have to be kept in consideration before choosing the best meat.

1. Taste– Firstly you need to first check if your dog likes the smell of the meat you choose for him. Dogs are very peculiar with their taste and smell. Therefore we need to check their preferred smell and taste of the meat they like.

2. High Quality Protein– Choose a protein which is healthy for your pet. Avoid meat or dog food with added chemicals or hormones. Make sure to read the label of the dog food packet properly to check the protein content.

Let's find out best meat in dry dog food!

1. Chicken– Most dogs love chicken. It is highly digestible and nutritious and has all the essential amino acids a dog needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore you can choose a dry food brand which is high in chicken content. Point to note- Raw chicken is bad for a dog’s health. Hence avoid feeding chicken at home.

2. Pork– Pork is rarely found in very few dry dog foods. It is high in iron, vitamins, zinc and Phosphorus. Pork is high in fat content which might not be good for senior dogs and dogs who are less active. There are few dogs who might be allergic to pork. Therefore you have to be careful while choosing the right meat for your dog.

3. Lamb– Lamb is a relatively common ingredient among dry dog food. It has a high amount of protein as compared to pork. Because of its rich taste many dogs find lamb tastier than other meats. You can go for dry dog foods containing lamb as the major ingredient.

4. Salmon– Salmon has a high source of protein which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This helps in maintaining healthy skin and coat and also helps in improving a dog’s heart. There are plenty of dog dry food or kibbles which has fish/salmon as an ingredient. If your dog is a fish lover, choose a dry dog food rich in fish content.

5. Turkey– As compared to other meats, turkey contains less fat. Pet owners find it a bit heavy on their pockets and is difficult to prepare. There are plenty of dog food brands which has turkey as an ingredient. You can go for it if your dog likes the taste of turkey.

6. Duck– Duck is a rich source of animal protein containing essential amino acids, zinc which helps in building strong muscles. It is low in fat as compared to other meats. We are very much sure your dog is going to love any dry food containing duck.


The market is filled up with brands which have a variety of proteins. What you have to do is find the right protein that your dog likes and also check if there is any allergy, read the label containing nutritional information and choose the dry dog food with the respective meat accordingly.