Is Wet Food Good For Puppies? We have listed 4 reasons

is wet food good for puppies

What Is A Wet Dog Food?

Before learning if wet food is good for puppies or not let us get to know what is wet food.

Wet food for dogs are semi solid or liquid in texture. They usually come in packaged cans or pouches which are tightly sealed to maintain the freshness of the product. Wet food basically contains a large quantity of moisture. The moisture content may vary from 70% to 85% water. They are easy to chew, palatable for dogs and highly nutritious. We have reviewed the compositions and nutritional aspects of a lot of wet food products and found out that there is not much difference between the compositions of dry and wet food for dogs except the moisture content in wet foods. 

Composition of Wet Food

The composition of the wet food may vary depending on the brand, however the ingredients that are most commonly found are:-

1.Meat- The meat content in wet food is higher as compared to dry food. Meat such as chicken, lamb, turkey, fish are a great source of protein which is essential for a dog’s overall health, muscle development, and tissue repair.

2.Gravy- The gravy base adds flavor and moisture to the palate, making it every dog’s favorite. Can also be used as toppings over dry food to enhance the taste.

3.Vegetables and fruits- Vegetables and fruits provide vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Ingredients like peas, carrot, blueberries can contribute to a balanced diet and offer various nutritional benefits.

The nutritional benefits come from the ingredients it contains. Nutrition mostly comes from protein content. The more the meat content, the higher the source of protein. Wet foods contain formulations which include vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which adds value to the nutrition. 

Is wet food good for puppies?

Puppies are in a stage where they need careful consideration to make sure that they get proper nutrition for their growth and development. As a puppy parent you always thrive to give the best so that he is healthy and strong. You become possessive of what to feed and what not being a new parent. As a result of which you start checking out every single detail the brand contains. Sounds someone like you ??

Well, don’t panic, there are other puppy owners who go through the same phase. Here we come to your rescue !

1. Puppies have a stomach which is of small size and faster metabolism. For the same reason you need to feed them frequently. Therefore you need to choose something which is stomach filling. The formulation with which the wet food is made up of is tummy filling and highly nutritious. You can definitely consider choosing wet dog food for your puppy.

2. Wet food contains a completely well balanced diet which is required for a growing puppy. You need to make sure that your puppy drinks a lot of water during the growth period and wet food contains high moisture content which is 70%-80% of water. Adequate hydration is essential for maintaining healthy organ function, promoting digestion, and preventing urinary tract issues which can be solved by feeding wet food. 

3. Wet foods are rich in aroma and palatable, which is stimulating for puppies. This can be especially beneficial for puppies who are picky eaters. This can help prevent boredom and ensure that your dog enjoys mealtime. The extra soft texture of wet foods make it convenient for puppies to chew and digest. 

4. Wet foods are also available in a variety of flavors which the puppies find appealing. If your puppy is diagnosed with an allergy towards a certain meat, wet food provides you the options to choose your preferable meat for your little one. Looking at the numerous benefits of wet food, it is a great choice to feed wet food to puppies.


With great benefits, there are certain things which also have to be taken into consideration.Wet food has a shorter shelf life once opened and can be more expensive than dry kibble. Apart from this, wet food has proven to work wonders for puppy parents. Please keep in mind if your puppy is allergic to any ingredient. We advise you to consult with your veterinarian immediately if you see any abnormal activity with your puppy.