how to stop dogs from chewing furnitures?

How to stop dogs from chewing furnitures? Are you literally disturbed by your dog chewing your favourite couch and mat which you got on sale? Well don’t worry, in this article we will understand the reasons for destructive chewing and provide you the solutions. Pet owners who work and have to leave their pets alone at home for extended periods of time may find it frustrating when their dogs start chewing on their expensive furniture and other valuable household items.

To get the solution we first need to understand why do they chew and how did they gain the habit of chewing at the very first place.

why do dogs chew?

Destructive Chewing is a natural behaviour for Puppies who are under 6 months old as they undergo their teething phase. They develop the tendency to vigorously chew anything that comes in their way as it helps them relax their sore gums which is a result of teething.

Apart from puppies, there have been instances where adult dogs also get involved in destructive chewing because of boredom and stress.Dogs cannot be held accountable for such behavior since it is instinctual and natural for them to act in this way. When a dog is feeling anxious ,bored, or lonely, they tend to redirect that energy towards chewing.

So if we summarize, below are some of the reasons due to which dogs get involved in destructive chewing :

1. Boredom
2. Separation Anxiety
3. Teething
4. No access to chew toys or chew treats.

how to stop dogs from chewing furnitures?

1. Securing your household furniture by using aversives like sticky tape, plastic covering against them which will prevent your dog from accessing them.

2. Keeping them occupied by providing the right kind of chew toys with a variety of colors and textures which in turn helps them prevent boredom.

3. Provide your dog with plenty of physical exercises which will keep them tired and as a result they will not get involved in destructive chewing.

4. Using a stay away repellent spray on your furniture makes it unappealing to your dog to chew on it.


Understanding your dog’s behaviour combined with the above solutions will help prevent your puppy/dog from destructive chewing of your household items and furniture. As a result of which your pet parenting experience will be stress free and filled with joy.