how long does dry cat food last?

how long does dry cat food last

After all the research you finally decide to buy the best cat food for your feline friend. Each day you feed your cat by taking out the food from the packet will definitely make you wonder “How long does dry cat food last”. In this article we are going to answer all your questions. 

Dry cat food is by far the most popular choice of food for every cat parent to feed their cats. The foremost reasons are its practicality, price and daily usage.

The biggest advantage of dry cat food lies in its extended shelf life. Unlike wet cat food which is made from real meat and fish chunks, requires refrigeration and has a shorter lifespan once opened, dry cat food can be stored for longer periods without the need for special storage conditions. This is because dry cat food is made from dehydrated meat combined with permitted preservatives.

Due to the above mentioned reason cat owners tend to buy dry cat food in bulk to save money as well as frequent visits to the store. Therefore it becomes obvious for cat owners to know how long does dry cat food last to manage their cat’s feeding schedule and make a decision on how much cat food to buy for their cat. 

How long does dry cat food last once opened?

Generally, dry cat food lasts for 6-12 months from the date of manufacturing when sealed. Once it is opened, it should be used within 15-25 days to prevent it from losing freshness and maximum nutritional value. Now that you are aware of how long dry cat food lasts, you will be able to ensure your cats get the maximum nutritional benefit as a result of feeding them fresh cat food.

Cat food storage tips to last longer

Storing dry cat food properly can help to keep it fresh for a longer period of time. We have listed detailed storage tips to help extend the life and freshness of your cat’s food below:

1.Storing dry cat food in airtight container

The first and foremost step in preserving dry cat food is to transfer it from its original packaging into an airtight container. Storing dry cat food in an airtight container keeps it away from air and moisture, preventing it from spoiling prematurely and going stale. 

Pro tip: Ensure that the container you are going to store the dry cat food in is completely dry and clean to prevent any moisture getting trapped inside.

2.Checking expiry date before purchase

Always check for the expiry date of the dry cat food packet while purchasing. Dry cat food packets with a longer shelf life will give you more time to use it. Always finish the older food packets first before purchasing/using newer food packets to prevent it going past the expiry date.

3.Storing dry cat food at an elevated place

Placing the cat food container at an elevated place rather than keeping it directly on the floor prevents moisture from seeping in from the floor. It is an effective way to maintain the dryness of the cat food.

4.Storing dry cat food in a cool and dry place

Storing the dry food container away from direct sunlight and in a dry,cool place is crucial for preserving the freshness of dry cat food. Exposure of the cat food to direct sunlight can result in degradation of the nutrients and can lead to growth of bacteria.

5.Sealing dry cat food bags properly

If you prefer to store the dry cat food in its original packaging, ensure that it is sealed tightly after every use. Roll the top of the packaging bag tightly and use a clip to keep it sealed. This prevents air and moisture getting into the cat food packet.

By following these storage tips, you can significantly prolong the freshness and nutritional value of your cat’s dry food. Remember that proper storage not only ensures your cat gets the best nutrition but also saves you money by preventing food waste. Prioritizing your cat’s health and well-being includes taking care of their food supply, so invest a little time and effort into proper storage practices. How long does dry cat food last.. Will be a foregone question.

How long does dry cat food last once opened?

1.Expiry Date

Always check for the expiry date or best before date on the packing of the dry cat food before feeding your cats. If it has surpassed the expiry date you should immediately stop feeding it to your cats as it may have lost its nutritional value and freshness.

2.Foul Odor

If the dry cat food emits a strong or foul odor which is different from the usual smell, it has most likely spoiled. You should not be feeding the food as it may cause stomach upsets in your cats.

3.Oil Separation & Texture

If there is a significant amount of oil or fat separating from the dry food kibble, it is a sign that the cat food has gone bad or spoiled. Also, dry cat food should always feel firm, crisp and dry in texture. If it has gone soft or feels moist, it may have absorbed moisture and is no longer suitable to be fed to the cats.


If there is a discoloration of the dry cat food kibbles compared to the original color, indicates spoilage of the dry cat food.

5.Insect Infestation

If there is presence of insects or ants in the dry cat food, it is a definite sign that the cat food has gone bad. The foul odor of the spoiled dry cat food attracts insects and if the cat food has caught moisture will result in mold or fungal growth.

If you notice any of the 5 above mentioned signs in your cat’s dry food, immediately dispose of it and stop feeding. As feeding spoiled cat food can cause severe digestive issues,food poisoning and stomach upsets in your cat. As a responsible cat owner, you should always prioritize their well-being by providing them with fresh and highly nutritious food.