Can cats Eat Wet Food Everyday : A Comprehensive Guide

cat eating wet food

Can Cats Eat Wet Food Everyday?  |  Types Of Wet Cat Food  |  Why do cats need wet food everyday?  |  How to balance between wet and dry cat food?  |  What should I look for in wet cat food?

Cat wet food is the most moist and flavourful option for your cat’s nutrition. The combination of meats, poultry, fish and sometimes vegetables makes it an amazing choice for your cats. Along with providing essential hydration, wet cat food  also provides a balanced array of nutrients including proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

The meaty texture and appealing aroma often makes wet food the favourite among cats. Thus the question arises of Can cats eat wet food everyday? Can we keep our cats on a wet food diet everyday? Is it safe for cats? Does it suffice for the nutrition content?

In this post we shall cover the types of wet cat food, the nutritional requirements for the different types of cat, how much quantity of wet food should we feed, why do cats need wet food everyday, how to balance between wet and dry cat food, what are the benefits of feeding wet cat food and many more.

Can cats eat wet food everyday?

Yes, cats can eat wet food everyday. In fact we recommend it as a primary diet as it provides essential moisture and nutrients that your cat needs.

Let’s first understand that the nutritional requirements of cats vary in terms of their health conditions, body types and individual needs. Similarly the quantity of wet food intake also depends on size, age and health condition of your cat. But yes we can definitely feed wet cat food everyday under certain guidelines.

Types of Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food comes in two forms:

1. Canned
2. Packet/Pouch

Canned Wet Food

Canned wet food is known for its high moisture content and higher concentration of nutrients without any fillers.Canned wet food offers a wide range of textures, from tender morsels in gravy to pate style formulas.They have longer shelf life, making it convenient for storage and use over time.The packaging allows for easy portion control, minimizing food wastage.Canned wet food can be mixed with medications or supplements making it easier to administer these to your cats.

Wet Food Can

packet wet food

Packets also come in convenient packaging.They are lightweight, portable and easy to open making them suitable for on the go feeding.Pouches typically contain single servings, helping maintain portion sizes thus preventing overfeeding.

Like canned food, pouches also come in a variety of flavors and textures to cater to your cat’s preferences. Single serving pouches minimizes the risk of food spoilage or drying out, ensuring each meal is fresh.Pouches are sealed, reducing the risk of contamination and providing a hygienic feeding option.It all depends on your cat’s preferences, health needs and their lifestyle. Some cats prefer the textures offered by canned food while others may find pouches more convenient for portion control.

Whichever form you choose, feeding wet cat food ensures feeding a high quality and a nutritional balanced diet to your cats.Now lets find out the reason why cats need wet food everyday.

Wet Food Pouch

Why do cats need wet food everyday?

We often encounter pet parents who frequently enquire: Can cats eat wet food everyday? Does it provide all the nutrients their bodies need in their diet?

Feeding your cats wet food everyday is equal to feeding plenty of fluids. Wet cat food inherently holds a significant amount of moisture, integral to the jelly that binds the components together. Here is why we should feed wet food everyday to our cats.

Hydration– Lots and lots of hydration! Fluids are important to maintain proper balance of electrolytes in the body. Cats have a low thirst drive and often don’t consume enough water to maintain proper hydration. Here wet cat food comes to the rescue. Wet cat food contains high moisture content, which helps to ensure they receive sufficient water intake, supporting kidney health and preventing urinary issues.

Nutritional Balance– It’s not just the moisture content we are talking about here. A high quality wet cat food is formulated to be nutritionally balanced and complete. They contain essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals that are required for optimal health.

3.Appetite Stimulation- Wet Food has a strong aroma and palatable texture that is encouraging for cats to eat, especially if they are picky eaters or have a reduced appetite. Wet cat food suffices to all the needs that a cat should get.

4.Controlled weight management- Wet cat food is generally lower in calories as compared to dry kibble, which makes it a suitable option for cats needing weight management. Feeding wet cat food everyday is the best choice for overweight cats.

5.Dental health issues– The texture of the wet cat food can help promote chewing and contribute to oral health by reducing the buildup of plaque and tartar. Therefore its perfect for you if your cats have dental issues.

6.Digestive Health– The moisture content in wet food can help in easy digestion and prevent issues like constipation, which can be more common in cats. So if your cat is going through constipation issues, wet food is the perfect solution. You can easily feed them wet food everyday for proper metabolism.

Considering the multitude of advantages associated with wet cat food, we see no issues with providing it as a daily meal for your cats. In fact its entirely acceptable to feed wet cat food everyday.

How to balance between wet and dry cat food?

Feeding wet cat food or dry cat food is a decision that depends on a variety of factors. It might depend on your veterinarian’s advice, your cat’s preference, your cat’s weight or health conditions and lastly your budget.

One key aspect of cat care revolves around their diet. A healthy cat is a happy cat and a happy pet parent. A common dilemma faced by a cat parent is how to strike the right balance between wet cat food and dry cat food. Each type of food has its own set of benefits and considerations and finding the perfect equilibrium can contribute to a cat’s overall health and happiness.

By now we already know the benefits of feeding wet cat food everyday and what wet cat food is. On The contrary, dry cat food contains minimal moisture, typically around 10%. This can be a considerable factor when you are choosing which one to feed if your cat has health issues and maximum water intake can benefit your cat.

Dry cat food is considered to be convenient, cost effective and helps promote dental health as cats chew on the crunchy pieces. It is often more calorie dense than wet food. Dry cat food contains a higher proportion of carbohydrates which is not essentially required for cats as compared to wet cat foods. The content of protein and fat in dry and wet cat food may vary depending on the specific diet or brand. There is some dry cat food that also includes probiotics.

Basically to find the right balance you need to consider your cat’s preferences as they have individual tastes. You need to observe which texture and flavor does your cat like the most and balance accordingly.To balance perfectly between wet and dry cat food, you can establish a consistent mealtime routine. You can maybe try feeding wet cat food for lunch and dry cat food for dinner and vice versa.If your cat likes it, you can try mixing both dry and wet cat food and observe your cat’s approach towards it.

These are some of the ways through which you can balance between wet and dry cat food.

What should I look for in wet cat food?

We feel one of the most important decisions you will make as a pet parent is selecting the right wet cat food. With so many options available in the market, you are sure to get confused and it can be overwhelming. This guide will help you navigate the aisles and choose the ideal wet cat food for your cat.

1.High quality ingredients- Look for wet cat food with high quality ingredients. Choose a brand which uses real meat or real fish as the primary ingredient thus providing essential protein.

2.Complete and balanced nutrition- Check for the label containing “Complete and balanced”. This ensures that the food contains the right proportion of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals for your cat’s well being.

3.Moisture Content- Opt for a wet cat food brand with a high moisture content, typically exceeding 70%. Cats are notoriously poor drinkers, so this helps keep them hydrated.

4.Minimal Fillers- Avoid wet cat food brands that contain excessive fillers like corn, wheat or soy as they contribute little or nothing to your cat’s nutrition. It’s better to avoid products having fillers.

5.Variety in texture- You need to consider your cat’s preference over texture, whether they enjoy chunks in gravy, pate, minced styles or other options. Accordingly you need to choose the right wet cat food. Providing variety can keep mealtime exciting for cats.

6.Specific dietary needs- You need to consider if your cat has any specific health concerns such as weight management or sensitive stomach, choose a wet food  tailored to address those issues. If you are seeing a vet, it’s better to look for the ingredients that the vet has prescribed for your cat.

7.Life Stages and size-  Choose a wet cat food that is suitable for your cat’s life stages and size. There are cat food brands who cater to the specific health needs or sizes. This is because each life stage has its unique nutritional requirements.

8.Allergen awareness- If your cat is known to have any food allergies or sensitivities, read the ingredients labels carefully to avoid potential allergens. You do not want to put their health at risk.

9.Reputed Brand- Always go for a reputed brand while choosing the wet cat food as we do not want to compromise on the quality of the wet cat food. Carefully read the reviews and seek recommendation from the vet if necessary before choosing the right one.

10.Price and budget- No doubt quality is the top most priority that you should be looking for in a wet cat food, but also consider your budget when selecting wet cat food. There are excellent options available at various price points.

11.Packaging Size- It is not that important however you can still consider the packaging based on your cat’s consumption rate. This will definitely help minimise waste and maintain freshness.

These are some of the points that you should look for while choosing a wet cat food.


Finally to answer your question of, Can cats eat wet food everyday? Yes Cats can indeed eat wet food every day and looking at the benefits, it can for sure offer a balanced and a hydrating diet. You just need to be aware of the quality of the wet food, control the portion of the amount you are feeding, individual cat needs, your cat’s preference. These are the factors you need to consider. Lastly we advise you to choose a high quality wet cat food to ensure your cat’s dietary needs are not compromised.