Are Training Treats Good For Puppies?

training treats

The first and foremost responsibility when we get a pet is to train him, make sure he is well behaved. And this will happen when you invest your ample amount of time and with rewards.Reward is the term for treats for your dogs for a job well done. It is crucial to acknowledge that dogs should not be given treats before reaching 8 weeks of age. Treats are supposed to be given only after reaching 8 week of age.

When giving training treats to your puppies, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Things to be considered before feeding training treats to puppies

  1. It’s very important to note the age of the dog which should not be less than 8 weeks old. Treats can only be given after 8 weeks of age.
  2. Treats should be given in moderate amounts as it may increase the required calorie intake of the puppy.
  3. Treats are so delicious that they may discourage dogs from eating their regular dog food, which is why they should be given in moderation.
  4. Training treats for dogs should be smaller in size. It is important to ensure that the training treats provided during training sessions are small in size so that the session can progress smoothly. By doing so, the dogs will be more motivated to receive treats, leading to increased exercise and training.
  5. Training treats for dogs should be soft in texture. The soft texture helps puppies chew faster and digest well during the training sessions. Since their teeth are in the growing stage, it is better if we feed them with soft textured treats.
  6. Need to check the nutritional information of any treat we decide to feed and be aware of any allergies that your dog might have. It’s better to avoid treats that may contain artificial preservatives, colors etc.